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    Mark Hedley
    Mark Hedley

    Apprentice Beekeeper

    1. must be a Texas registered beekeeper or a registered beekeeper in home state, registered either individually or as a member of a family.
    2. must own at least one colony of honey bees for at least one full year.
    3. must score 70% or higher on a written examination. The written test can include but is not limited to materials covered during previous Texas Beekeepers Association annual meeting, information found on the Texas Apiary Inspection Service website (, information found on the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab website (, the University of Florida’s Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory website ( and materials from books/ other literature on the Apprentice Beekeeper reading list.
    4. must score 70% or higher on a practical examination. The practical examination can include but is not limited to describing the physical parts of a beehive (common terms, not regional nomenclature); lighting and properly using a smoker; recognizing the various stages of brood, different castes of bees, and finding or at least describing the queen; differentiating between brood, pollen, and capped honey; recognizing propolis and describing its functions; describing the layout of a brood nest (place­ment of honey, pollen, and brood), etc.
    Cameron Crane
    Cameron Crane

    I’m curious on the Apprentise exam how much depth is it going to go into for Pest & Desases: Causative agent and treatment?
    For example, should one know the brand name and/or actual chemicals used for treating Varroa Mites or Hive beetles?




    I would like to know that as well.


    Myrta Kaye Brouse

    It would be nice if the test were offered more often.

    Cameron Crane
    Cameron Crane

    Good Morning Mytra,
    As the program is being developed, there are two testing opportunities a year. Having been through the testing, I can tell you that there is a LOT of work, time and space required to conduct a round of testing. Especially on the practical exam part of the testing.
    I hope in several years, after Texas has some established Master Beekeepers, they will expand the program to where some of those Master beekeepers will be able to test and qualify at the apprentice level. The next testing is planned for in the fall around the TBA convention.
    I hope you can make that round of testing.



    Christina Beck

    Please keep us updated on the test date. I’d very much like to get into the next round.


    Wyndell Ferguson

    Is there any practise exams? The subject matter is pretty broad since those websites are always being updated.

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