2018 State Fair of Texas/TBA Honey Contest

Black Jar Judging
Janet Rowe working with local chefs Greg Bussy, Jenna Johnson and Gregory Moreaux on Black jar Honey judging.

The Texas Beekeepers Association once again conducted the honey contest during the State Fair of Texas in Dallas on October 15.

Thanks to TBA volunteers:

  • Contest Superintendents — Bill Zimmer and Janet Rowe
  • Polished Honey Judges — Abby Pettibon, Texas Honey Queen, Mary Reisinger, CCHBA Honey Queen, Virginia Allen, CCHBA Honey Princess and Ruth Ramos, TBA Honey Queen Program Chair
  • Black Jar Honey Judges, Dallas area chefs — Greg Bussy, Gregory Moreaux and Jenna Johnson


Polished Honey Judging
Polished Honey Judging by Virginia Allen, Abby Pettibon, Mary Reisinger, and Ruth Ramos.
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Polished Honey Results

Placing Winner, City Score
1st Place Dan Brantner, Plano 283
2nd Place Shanda Thomas, Wylie 282
3rd Place Shawn Flatt, Princeton 277
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Black Jar 2nd Place Winner
Second Place Black Jar Winner Susan Zimmer with Abby Pettibon, Texas Honey Queen, and Virginia Allen, Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Honey Princess.
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Black Jar Honey Results

Placing Winner, City
1st Place Shawn Smith, Princeton
2nd Place Bill/Susan Zimmer, Winnsboro
3rd Place Summer Holbrook, Pottsboro
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