6th Annual “Art of Queen Rearing” Workshop held at Texas A&M

Registration is now open for the 6th annual “Art of Queen Rearing” workshop, to be held at the Janice and John G. Thomas Honey Bee Facility on Saturday, 21 May, and Sunday 22 May 2022.

Head Instructor: Dr. Juliana Rangel
Invited guests: Sue Cobey, Dr. Jennifer Tsuruda (University of Tennessee), Melanie Kirby (Zia Queens, NM), Megan Mahoney (Commercial Queen Producer in Texas), and members of the Rangel Bee Lab

Registration will close on Friday, 12 May 2022 and will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis for PAID registrants. This two-day workshop is organized and delivered by the Rangel Honey Bee Lab staff, as well as special guest speakers, who will be sharing their expertise on queen rearing. As in past years, Sue Cobey will be attending the event, so there will be a demonstration on instrumental insemination of queens. Registration is $200 per person for the two-day event. Payment includes refreshments on both days, lunch on Saturday, a binder with notes, and queen rearing supplies!! Space is limited to 50 people.

We have created an online registration form for the queen rearing workshop. Please send a copy of the filled out form along with your payment to register. Unfortunately, due to TAMU rules, we cannot accept electronic or credit card payments, so you will have to fill out the form and send it via snail mail.