Annual Convention

The Texas Beekeepers Association welcomes you to the Annual Convention!

We have an exciting annual convention program for you this year in Houston.  We have made the registration process more streamlined through automated tools that we trust you will find more efficient and easy to use, making our registration process much simpler, and faster.

As in previous years, our 2014 Annual Convention is divided into multiple events that you may wish to attend. A basic Annual Convention admission ticket provides entry to all general and breakout sessions.  You may purchase additional event tickets for the Queens Luncheon; pay entries fees for the honey and photo competition (one ticket per entry), and the Gala TBA Annual Convention Banquet all here in one place!

Our honey and photo competition has been updated to include a “Black Jar” contest and cash prizes!  Read the honey and photo contest rules for further details.  Honey entries will be judged on its taste and flavor profile alone by a panel of local Houston celebrity chefs! Black Jar has become extremely popular in beekeeping associations throughout the world. Simply bring 3 jars of the unadulterated honey you sell, 1 without the labels. Judges will not see the color nor inspect it for “clarity” or anything else. They don’t even get to see it – we black out the jar, and serve a sample on a black straw so they can’t even determine color. Their collective sophisticated palates determine the true blue ribbon winner.

Simply add the event tickets  to the “cart” from the list below, and then select “view cart” to select quantities and provide attendee information.  You may register yourself, your spouse, additional family members or guests traveling with you all in the same place in one transaction.  All tickets emailed directly to you after check-out.  Think of it as your personal “boarding pass” to the 2014 Annual Convention.  See you in Houston.

Function Date

Hotel Registration Link:   Crown Plaza Reliant Hotel Reservations


  • You may enroll in Dr. Connor’s “Practical Backyard Beekeeping” without attending the convention, or any other associated events.
  • Select the events you would like to attend by clicking “Add to Cart”.  Once finished with your selections, click any “View Cart” option to enter attendee personal data.
  • If selecting “Family” Admission to the Convention, please also add the amount of immediate “Family Members” (at $0.00).  You must add/enter family member names to receive appropriate admission tickets.  For Example, if you have a family membership consisting of yourself, spouse, and three kids:  Add 1 Family Registration,  and add 4 immediate Family Members at ($0.00) in the view cart section.  Tickets selected and added to the cart at $0.00 cost without a matching “Family Admission” registration record will be deleted as invalid and ticket holders will not be admitted without the proper registration credentials.
  • Queen’s Luncheon and the TBA Gala Banquet are not included in Convention Registration, you must purchase tickets (add to cart) for each attendee attending these special events.
  • Honey / Photo contest entries are not included in Convention Registration, you must purchase one ticket (add to cart) for each contest entry.
  • Tickets will be emailed to you immediately after completion of the checkout process.  Print your tickets, once received via email, for all of the attendees and functions.
  • You must bring all of your associated tickets to the Annual Convention to obtain your Convention Registration Badge(s) and gain entry to respective events.