Program Overview

Convention Overview: DON'T MISS IT! INTERACTIVE DEMOS: Making Balms & Lotions, Encaustic Painting, Honey Tasting, Local & Regional Club Resource Sharing, Candles & Household Products AND MORE! PANEL DISCUSSIONS: Packing & Selling Honey, Industry Innovation, Treatments, Biggest Problems & How We Solve Them, Academic Panel, Bee Removals AND MORE! ACADEMIC UPDATES: Biological Activities of Pure Honey on Wound Healing, Acoustic Monitoring of Bee Hives for Health, Varroa Updates, Merle Leeroy Production Design AND MORE! WORLD CLASS PRESENTATIONS: Marketing Your Bee Business, The Intelligence of Bees, The Communication of Bees, Natural Beekeeping AND MORE! DISCUSSION BASED LEARNING: Fast Paced Q&As, Beekeeper Story Hour, Social Time to Mix & Mingle, AND MORE!

Additional Convention Information