Annual Convention Schedule Saturday

2018 Annual Convention

November 8th -10th
Frank Mayborn Event & Convention Center

3303 N 3rd St., Temple, TX 76501
** 9 am to 5 pm **

Detailed Schedule

Thursday, November 8thFriday, November 9thSaturday, November 10th
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Highlighted rows of this color are items in excess of the normal schedule (Require tickets, are optional, etc.)
*Schedule is Subject To Change as Needed*
START TIME FINISH TIME Topic Person in Charge / Speaker Location
7:00 AM 7:45 AM Conference Registration Shirley Doggett Mayborn
7:45 AM 8:00 AM Welcome & Announcements Chris Moore Mayborn
9:00 AM 4:00 PM Silent Auction Items Up for Bidding Mayborn
8:00 AM 9:00 AM Business Meeting Mayborn
9:15 AM 10:35 AM Session 1  Expert Speakers Mayborn
    Castes, Parthenogenesis, Larva and Pupa Development Dr. Roger Hoopingarner  
    Best Management Practices for Texas Apiculture Chris Moore  
    Proper Management of Varroa and other pests and diseases through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Mary Reed  
    Honey Producing Plants Jonathan Walker  
    Introduction to Beekeeping Chari & James Elam  
11:00 AM 12:20 PM Session 2  Expert Speakers Mayborn
    Commercial Beekeeper Panel Discussion and Q&A George Hansen, Clint Walker, Blake Shook, Chris Moore  
    Advanced Honey Bee Foraging & Nutrition Dr. Reed Johnson  
    Bee Pests and their Effects on a Healthy Colony Mary Reed  
    Honey Judging & Honey Show Participation Ann Harman  
    Agricultural Exemption for Personal & Business Joe Bader  
12:30 PM 1:30 PM Queens Quiz Bowl & Box Lunch or Lunch on Your Own  Mayborn
1:30 PM 2:20 PM Session 4 Expert Speakers Mayborn
    Honey Bee Toxicology Dr. Reed Johnson  
    Why, When & How to Feed Bees Chari & James Elam  
    Methods for Varroa Control Lance Wilson  
    Making Infused & Creamed Honey Pamela Yaemans  
    Encaustic Painting George Hansen  
2:30 PM 3:20 PM Session 5 Expert Speakers Mayborn
    Growing Pains – Moving from Beginner to Sideliner to Commercial Dr. Roger Hoopingarner  
    Pollination Services Blake Shook  
    The How and Why of Effective Queen Management Lance Wilson  
    Recognizing and Reducing Stressors That Effect Bee Health Ann Harman  
    How to Effectively Teach and Reach Youth About Bees Matt Fuller  
3:30 PM 4:20 PM Session 6 Expert Speakers Mayborn
    Effect of Insecticide and Fungicide Combinations Applied to Almonds During Bloom on Honey Bee Workers and Larvae Dr. Reed Johnson  
    Nutrition Management for Robust Populations Lance Wilson  
    4 Seasons of Bee Management Chari & James Elam  
    Comb Honey Production with Two Queen Systems Dr. Roger Hoopingarner  
    Lip Balms & Lotions Tanya Phillips  
4:30 AM 5:00 PM Wrap Up, Door Prizes & Raffle Mayborn
5:30 PM 7:00 PM Executive Committee Meeting Mayborn

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