Austin 5th Annual Beekeeping Seminar

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Date:               Jan. 16th 2016

What:             Austin 5th Annual Beekeeping Seminar

Who:               Sponsored by the Austin Area Beekeepers Assoc.                        

Where:            J.J. Pickle Research Campus

10100 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78758

Cost:                $40 pre-registration

To Register:
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Why: The mission of this daylong seminar is to educate people of all experience levels in sustainable bee husbandry and to provide funding for the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab.


This is a daylong seminar offering 4 different educational presentations running concurrently in each time slot throughout the day. This will provide many beginning and advanced subjects to choose from. A separate beginner’s track has been formatted covering a variety of startup topics for soon to be or very new beekeepers.

Afternoon sessions will include many different presentations including:

  • Honey Bee Management 1 and 2
  • Honey Bee Biology and Behavior
  • Top Bar Management 1 and 2
  • Varroa Management
  • Brood Disease Control
  • Swarm Capture Techniques
  • Raising Queens
  • Learn Honey Extraction Techniques
  • Beneficial Bee Flowers
  • Queen Finding and Requeening Techniques
  • The Latest in the Texas Bee Lab Research
  • Colony Supersedure and Management
  • Keeping Bees in an Africanized Zone
  • Nutrition Management
  • Spring Management
  • Cut Outs
  • Honey Extraction Techniques


  • Professor Juliana Rangel-Posada – Dept. of Entomology Texas A&M.
  • Mark Dykes- Chief Texas Apiary Inspector.
  • Mark Hedley- Commercial beekeeper and owner of Spiral Horn Apiary.
  • Chris Doggett- President of the Williamson County Area Beekeepers Assoc.
  • Tanya Phillips- President of the Travis County Beekeepers Assoc.
  • Dean Cook-Top Bar hive management advocate.
  • Karl Acuri- Austin Area Beekeepers Assoc. (Co-organizer) and natural beekeeper.
  • Mary Reed- Texas Apiary Inspector.
  • Cameron Crane-Area Director Texas Beekeepers Association.
  • Lily Rosenman- Austin Area Beekeepers Assoc. (Co-organizer) and natural beekeeper.
  • Becky Bender-TX Master Naturalist.
  • Brandon Fehrenkamp- Natural beekeeper advocate and owner of Austin Bees.
  • Lance Wilson- Certified Master Beekeeper GMBP.

For more info and to register for this event go to

For additional information you can email Lance Wilson…….

This organization is non-profit and all proceeds of this event will be used to promote sustainable beekeeping practices and provide support to our much appreciated Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab. This should be a lot of fun, everyone please come out and see us.