February Local Association Club Updates from Charlie McMaster

It’s always a pleasure to see the folks out on the land getting together and exchanging experiences and ideas. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from the members discussing their success and what they’re not going to do next year. Truly reinforces the old saw that there is no one-way to work a bee yard, collect swarms or do removals.

While we have TBA leaders in many clubs throughout the state visiting and helping in local club meetings, I personally had the opportunity to visit several clubs recently and wanted to share a little of the good news and efforts we are seeing in some of our local club associations throughout Texas. I visited the Central Texas, Temple Area and Concho Valley Beekeepers Associations for their monthly meetings.

In Brenham, the Central Texas Beekeepers are in the middle of their planning for the upcoming Beekeeping School on March 26th.  The camaraderie shown by the Central Texas Team to walk thru the details and discuss the resources necessary to put together a event of such a large scope, in front of visitors, is AMAZING.

TBA will also be present at the school with merchandise and pamphlets. I had the opportunity to discuss several of the additional benefits TBA providing for our members, encouraged the group to go online and enroll if they are not already members.  Also updated them on TBA’s support to Hives for Heroes by sharing mentors with the organization. 

The Temple Area Beekeepers’ invited guest for their monthly meeting was Dennis Herbert, he led discussions on the Ag Valuation process in support of beekeepers, what records need to be provided, maintained and above all, the need for good relations with the local Appraisal District offices. Dennis also went into the details on how the Appraisal Districts came to their determinations of valuing property utilized for beekeeping and the potential for adjustment if the circumstances support the changes, Concho Valley Beekeepers in San Angelo are restarting their in person meetings now, had the opportunity to update the club on TBA updates, passed on the benefits of membership, the growing schedule of events such as the Central Texas School, upcoming Summer Clinic in Temple and the Convention later this year.  I was also able to meet with a Hives for Heroes NewBEE and began coordinating for his Mentor from the local club.

There is so much opportunity throughout the state to spread bee knowledge and experience.

San Antonio – The Alamo Area Beekeepers are staffing their booth Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, I missed going the first weekend of the Show, looking forward to maybe this weekend.  They will be there through February 27th, stop by and say hello if you are in the area.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be next month, the Harris County Beekeepers will be well represented there.  Same goes – Stop by and enjoy the company!

Charlie McMaster, TBA Club Liaison