First Time Beekeeper

Members of the Texas Beekeepers Association (“TBA”) have passed resolutions in recent years, supporting a first year complimentary individual and local association membership program. The program constitutes a waiver of first year dues, while extending all rights and benefits of membership granted under TBA’s governing documents to eligible participants. For purposes of documenting the complimentary membership program, TBA has established the following policies (adopted November 8, 2018).

Individual Membership
A complimentary one (1) year membership in TBA is offered to individuals who have not previously been a member of TBA and who are members of a TBA member local association.

The complimentary membership is limited to one individual per household.

All requests for a complimentary membership shall come through or be confirmed by a TBA member association.

  • An officer of the member association shall submit the name, mailing address and email address of each person interested in the complimentary membership to TBA’s Membership Director. This may be done by email and should be submitted monthly.
  • Alternatively, the interested person can submit a membership application below, subject to confirmation by an officer of the member association and approval by the TBA Membership Director.
  • The Journal will be available only in digital format to those with a complimentary membership. No paper copies of the Journal will be mailed under the complimentary membership program.
  • The TBA Membership Director shall be responsible for verifying the eligibility of an individual for a complimentary membership.

The complimentary membership period begins upon verification of the individual’s eligibility and ends one (1) year later. At the end of the complimentary membership period, the individual will receive notice that the complimentary membership is expiring. If the individual does not renew and pay dues within sixty (60) days of the expiration of the complimentary membership, the individual shall be deleted from the TBA active membership records.