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Dr. Dennis VanEngelsdorp: a previous State Apiarist for Pennsylvania's Department of Agriculture, commitment to studying honey bee health — the alarming, worldwide disappearance of worker bees and Western honey bees. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk: Many beekeepers know of or have heard from Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk, now retired from the University of Montana, recognized by his unorthodox research based on using honey bees as environmental monitors. Over the years, Dr. Bromenshenk has participated in a variety of practical application research and is currently focused on acoustic monitoring of honey bee hives. Some of his research has even been put to work in the Department of Defense! UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA. Cameron Jack: His focus is to create an educational program that prepares students for the many challenges associated with beekeeping and to train those interested in entering the beekeeping workforce. Cameron has a high energy and passionate approach to educating about honey bees. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA.
Les Crowder: Throughout his career as a beekeeper, Les has always looked for ways to eliminate toxic inputs in the hive, starting with antibiotics and now miticides. He has been keeping bees in Langstroth and Top-Bar Hives for about 50 years, both as a hobby and as a business Earlier in his career, he worked for a business with 4,000 hives in New Mexico. He was the President of New Mexico beekeepers association multiple times. He was a honeybee inspector in New Mexico for 5 years. He has been teaching highly popular beekeeping classes domestically and abroad for over 35 years (both in English and Spanish). AUTHOR OF TOP BAR BEEKEEPING. Dr. Juliana Rangel: As head of the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab, Juliana provides the beekeeping industry with research on queen health, nutrition, pesticide affects, and eusocial disease pathology. A student of Dr. Tom Seeley, Juliana earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY. Ann Harman: An International honey judge, monthly writer for Bee Culture Magazine, experienced beekeeper, and all around energetic voice in beekeeping is joining us again this year as our head honey judge. She has served in numerous capacities to represent beekeepers throughout the years and we're excited to welcome her back to Texas. A world class honey judge, we are lucky have Ann here to continue to rain our honey show and beekeepers on judging honey and putting on the best possible honey show. INTERNATIONAL HONEY JUDGE.
TBA Annual Conference. Speakers and Presenters.Beth Derr - Master Beekeeper, East Texas Club Leader. Brandon Fehrenkamp - owner of Austin Bees. Charlie Agar - Charlie Bee Company. Chris Moore - Past TBA President, Moore Honey Farm. Dodie Stillman - Austin Area Beekeepers President. Dr. Todd Holman - Bee Sting Therapy. JJ Swan - TBA Director, Master Beekeeper, Hive Jive Podcast. John Kirkland - Travis County Beekeepers Association. Jonathan Walker - ABF Director, Walker Honey Farm. Justin Russell - Master Beekeeper, Owner of Prime Bees. Lance Wilson - Georgia Master Beekeeper, TMBP Board. Laura Weaver - Owner of B Weaver & Texas Honey Bee Farm. Lauren Ward - Entomologist & owner of Apothecary Apiaries. Les Crowder - Author of

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