Guest Speakers

Dr. Lewis Bartlett
Dr. Lewis Bartlett is a post-doctoral fellow at the UGA Honey Bee Program and Odum School of Ecology working at the intersection of infectious disease biology and beekeeping. His research focuses on how infectious diseases and parasites cause so much harm to honeybees and how we can help honeybees defend themselves. Lewis began keeping bees ten years ago as part of scientific research and as a hobbyist in the UK before moving to America in 2016. He has worked with scientists across the UK, Europe, and USA, on topics including the risk to beekeeping from mosquito control, how sugar feed quality impacts colony immunity, the effects of crowding or moving honeybees on their viral infections, and on testing novel control techniques for pests like Varroa and Small Hive Beetles. His research goals are to inform solutions to managing honeybee diseases and pests that are effective and economically viable, always with an ear toward experiences and insights from beekeepers.

Megan Mahoney
Megan Mahoney has been fascinated by honey bees ever since being fortuitously introduced to them in Dr. Marla Spivak’s lab in 2003. Her enthusiasm for bees, beekeepers, and bee breeding has grown over time, and inspired her to build up a repertoire of beekeeping experiences and skills across the US. She has invested more than a decade of work inside the commercial bee industry, with past experience working for queen producers in California, leading a tech team for the Bee Informed Partnership in Texas, and working as a technician for the varroa sensitive hygiene (VSH) breeding program on Hawaii, Big Island. In 2019, she and her partner (Ross Klett), founded “MAHONEY BEES & QUEENS,” a company specializing in instrumental insemination, breeder queens, and cell production. They are currently managing a migratory Carniolan- based breeding population in addition to helping maintain about 2,000 hives. They travel (with the bees) between South East Texas and Central North Dakota.