Nevin Weaver Honey Bee Excellence Endowment

The Nevin Weaver Honey Bee Excellence Endowment was founded to support the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab. The fund provides financial resources to the Texas A&M Bee Lab to complete vital research that benefits honey bees, the beekeeping industry, and beekeepers throughout the nation.
Texas Beekeepers Association & Texas Honey Bee Education Association have been in conversations with Texas A&M about how we may work together more closely to benefit the Honey Bee Facility at TAMU and honey bee research in the future. As a result of this collaboration, THBEA is organizing a major fundraising effort to increase the Nevin Weaver Endowment Fund from its current level of $155,000 to a goal of $250,000, allowing for increased and more consistent honey bee research funding.
Mrs. Janice Thomas has kickstarted this fundraiser with a very generous gift of $25,000 – raising the fund total to $180,000. We thank her for her incredible gift and the knowledge that she so strongly supports the present and future of the Texas A&M University Apiculture. We have received an extremely generous, anonymous donation of an additional $50,000, bringing the fund to $230,000. We need your help to raise an additional $25,000 for the fund – we have been challenged by these donors to collectively match their donations. Will you help?
We are so proud of the work and findings that Dr. Juliana Rangel-Posada and her students contribute to the bee community and look forward to many more collaborations that bring academics and beekeepers together to solve problems and make discoveries about our favorite fuzzy insects – the honeybee.
We know that many of you share Mrs. Thomas’ commitment along with our organization and donors to education and research in this important area. Every contribution will move THBEA toward this important goal. If you can give a little, or a lot, now is the time – contribute to the cause and help us accomplish this goal, fund research, and make a difference.

The Nevin Weaver Fund was established in December of 2009 with an original endowment of $75,000 from donors Dr. John and Janice Thomas and their daughter Valerie Hamilton under the administration of the TAMU Foundation. A guaranteed rate of 4% per annum of the endowment value is available to be used by Dr. Juliana Rangel to cover expenses and projects in her department. Only the interest on the endowment can be used, ensuring funds for the future.