What is classified as Texas honey?

Simply speaking, honey produced by Texas beekeepers from Texas bees is Real Texas HoneyTM. Some honey labels you see in stores imply that the honey is Texas honey, or is local honey. This guide is meant to educate consumers so they can have a better assurance of the quality and source of honey, and how to ask more direct questions about the processing of the honey they are buying.  Honey is sold in multiple forms including liquid, comb, chunk, creamed or spun honey, and crystalized.


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What is real honey?

  • Honey – A sweet substance produced by honey bees, strictly from plant nectar.
  • Raw honey – Raw honey contains beneficial enzymes and minerals that heat would destroy and is only slightly warmed during processing or to re-liquefy for packaging.
  • Unfiltered honey – Some coarse straining can be used to remove large particles, but not to the extent that it removes pollen and nutrients. Major honey industry equipment such as plate filters, sand filters, resin filters, or diatomaceous earth filters are prohibited.
  • Pure honey – 100% Honey, with no additives.
  • Natural honey – 100% Honey, with no additives or flavorings.

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Buy Real Texas HoneyTM From Texas Beekeepers

The RTH Honey Locator is a service provided by the Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA) for both consumers and beekeepers.   Local beekeepers prefer to sell their honey locally and the best honey for consumers is local honey. The Real Texas Beekeepers identified here in the TBA Honey Locator have agreed to market their honey according to the conditions set forth on this site.

Zoom in on the map to your location and click on the red pin point closest to you for the local beekeeper in your area certified under the Real Texas HoneyTM program.

The beekeepers and honey companies included in this Honey Locator are members of TBA and have agreed to the definitions and guidelines set forth by TBA.  They have been authorized to use the “Real Texas HoneyTM” mark or seal only if they continue to agree to offer honey that strictly meets those guidelines.  Additionally, they have agreed that when they use terms Raw, Unfiltered, Pure, and Natural on their labels, that the contents meet the definitions presented here. They will be removed from the honey locator if it is determined they no longer meet the guidelines and conditions.  Anyone may request approval for use of the Real Texas HoneyTM mark or seal and inclusion on the Honey Locator. Please click on our Honey Locator Application for rules and on-line application form.