Beekeeping 101

Interested in becoming a beekeeper but need to know where to start. This 4 part, live, online series will help you learn the basics to get started. We’ll answer: what do I buy? Where do I buy equipment and bees? Where do I put my bees? What do I do with the bees? All the answers to get you going the first year. A Beekeeping Field Day is also scheduled for those local to San Antonio or willing to travel.

Second Steps in Beekeeping

In this “Second Steps in Beekeeping” program, we talk about “what’s next?”. How to recognize signs of stress, what to do about poor producing queens, how and when to extract honey, and what diseases and pests can be plaguing your hives. Guest speaker, Mary Reed from the Texas Apiary Inspection Service is a wealth of information when it comes to diseases and pests and you won’t want to miss her!

Topics – Pests and Diseases of Bees and their Management, Mite Management and Monitoring, Recap of Honey Bee Biology, Recognizing Signs of Stress and What to Do, Winterizing Honey Bees, Honey Extracting.