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~   B e s t   o f   S h o w   W i n n e r s   ~
People's Choice Black Jar Honey – Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk
Best of Honey – Sofie and Ally Clark
Best Small-scale Honey – Sofie and Ally Clark
Best Sideliner Honey – Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk
Best of Art – Michele Jaquier
Best of Gadgets – Chris Barnes
Best of Photos – Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk
Best of Mead – Glenn Kveton
Ann Harman Award of Excellence in Beekeeping – Nanette Davis
Class 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Extracted Honey LIGHT/AMBER Sofie and Ally Clark Glenn Kveton Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk
2 Extracted Honey MEDIUM/AMBER Gary and Peggy Lange Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk Byron Compton
3 Extracted Honey DARK/AMBER Tara Randle Andrea Kuhnert Steven Pool
5 Chunk Honey Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk Gary and Peggy Lange
6 Black Jar (Judged) Colby McClelland
9 Comb Honey – Cut Comb Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk
10 Wax Plain Block Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk Doug Stanley
11 Beekeeping Arts and Crafts Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk Lisa Compton
12 Photo Close-Up Kim Townsend Nanette Davis Tara Randle
13 Photo Scenic Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk Nanette Davis Kim Townsend
14 Photo Portrait Nanette Davis Jake Moore Sally Beggs
15 Beekeeping Gadgets Chris Barnes Jake Moore Steve Butler
16 Candles Danessa 'Nes' Yaschuk
17 Bee Box Art Contest Michele Jaquier Gavin Guy Jackson Skelton
M1A Traditional Mead – Dry Randy Randle
M1C Traditional Mead – Sweet Glenn Kveton
M2A Fruit Mead – Cyser (Apple & Honey) Randy Randle
M2C Fruit Mead – Berry Sandra Knight
M2D Fruit Mead – Stone Fruit Randy Randle