Texas Apiary Inspection Service

Most of us consider the heath and welfare of our honey bees as a key indicator of successful beekeeping.  Some measure it by pounds of honey produces, some by number of hives kept alive over winter (or throughout the year), and even others by the number of queens, packages, or “nucs” sold in a given year.  Without the Texas Apiary Inspection Service, it would be difficult at best for any of us to keep bees, especially healthy ones.  To some, TAIS is perhaps yet more burdensome government over-site, but more are seeing it differently now.

Hive Inspection

Black Frame

Imagine a world where there were no agricultural rules to live by.  In the US, capitalism would probably drive all sorts of interesting commercial ventures related to beekeeping.  Who cares where the bees came from; who cares what diseases they carry; who cares if we could remove frames to do inspections – oh, what inspections?  Can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue?  If you think honey bees are declining now, imagine what it would be like then?  We are glad that the Texas Apiary Inspection Service is there for Texas Beekeepers

Rules, Regulations and Permits

Seems like every game, business, club, organization, or even households have them.  They are there for a reason.  When they don’t work we all need to consider why and adjust accordingly.  The Texas Apiary Inspection Service has rules.  As beekeepers, we need to follow not only the Regulations related to honey bees, but also the Texas Apiary Inspection Service rules relating to permits and inspections.

Nice Brood Frame

Group Inspection Photo

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Future Texas Apiary Inspection Services

All things change and TAIS is changing too!  TBA works with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service team to ensure that beekeepers throughout the state will benefit from the expertise, guidance, and efforts of the new inspector.  Check out the TAIS website for updates on their activities.

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