General Rules
The Honey Show judging criteria are designed to reflect exhibitor skill, shine a favorable light on Texas beekeeping, and create a learning experience. Items over which one has no direct control are de-emphasized. In the extracted, creamed and chunk honey classes, a judge’s personal taste of the natural flavor or color of honey will not affect scoring. However, alteration of either color or flavor in handling or preparation of the entry by the beekeeper will adversely affect the score (such as smoke or repellent.) Manufacturing defects in glass jars and bottles will not affect scoring, but surface dust, smudges, scratches, chips or other handling alterations on entry containers will affect the score. We will work to make adjustments to judging for items that are mailed in as a result of the uncontrolled aspect of that process.

Registration is online only at Texas Honey Show 2022. Complete the 2022 Texas Honey Show Entry Form during the registration before delivering your entries to the Show Secretary at the registration table. Please see Mead Competition Rules for mead entry forms. By entering the competition, you agree to be bound by the rules. Please read them carefully.

1. The Texas Honey Show is affiliated with and hosted by the Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA). All are welcome to submit entries so long as those entries were produced and made in the state of Texas by the entrant.
2. Registration is online only at Texas Honey Show 2022 on the TBA website. Complete registration before delivering your entries to the Show Secretary at the registration table.
3. Texas Honey Show Entry Fees: $5 flat fee per entry class submitted.
4. An individual can only submit one entry per class. All entries must have been produced/harvested/created in the state of Texas within the last 12 months by the individual submitting the entry.
5. Entries can be hand-delivered on behalf of a qualified entrant by another person so long as all online registrations and fees are current at time of drop-off at the designated location at the event. Entries dropped off the day of judging must be received by 10:00AM to be considered for the competition.
6. Mead Competition has separate drop off rules detailed in the Mead Rules Document.
7. At the time of registration, the Show Secretary will assign an internal tracking number and code each entry accordingly.
8. At time of receipt all entries become property of the Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA), and may be included in auctions to benefit the Texas Honey Bee Education Association (THBEA). *With the exception of Gadgets and Art

9. Extracted honey must be submitted in two standard 1-lb glass queen-line or Gamber Classic jars, with plain metal or plastic lid. (No labels affixed.)
10. Creamed honey must be submitted in a two 1-lb. round chunk honey jars (has small shoulder) or straight cylinder glass jar. (No labels affixed.)
11. Chunk honey must be submitted in two 1-lb. round chunk honey jars (has small shoulder) or straight cylinder glass jar with standard lid. (No labels affixed.)
12. The “Black Jar” entry will be obscured by the Show Secretary when received.
13. Do not label products in any way before arrival. If you would like to include your personal/business label for display and photo purposes, each extracted honey entry should be accompanied by the producer’s own labels, which will be attached to the entries after judging. Put the labels in a blank white envelope that accompanies your entry so it can get included with your assigned tracking number. DO NOT AFFIX THE LABELS TO ENTRIES PRIOR TO COMPETITION OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
14. After submitting entries to the Show Secretary, competitors must leave the registration area and are not permitted entry into the judging area for any reason.
15. Judging will take place Friday with results announced initially at the Banquet that night and then posted on the TBA Facebook Page on Sunday.
16. The Show Secretary and assistants are disqualified from competition. Judges are disqualified from the class/classes they are judging. (Honey judges are not allowed to submit honey entries, Mead judges are not allowed to submit mead entries, Art judges are not allowed to submit art entries, etc.)
17. Participants can enter either individually or as a group, in the case of group projects.
18. All entries will be judged according to the official scoring criteria guidelines. Judges fill out a score card for each entry. If an entry is disqualified, the reason for disqualification must be stated on the score card. Judges make comments on score cards in order to help exhibitors improve. If you want your score card, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with each entry.
19. Any complaint or issue must be presented in writing to the Show Chairman. All Complaints need to be accompanied by two suggestions on how matters could be improved for future competitions.

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