2020 Virtual Beekeeping Event. Saturday, November 7th. Featuring Special Keynote Speakers: Dr. Samuel Ramsey, Dr. David Tarpy, Dr. Ferhat Ozturk, Sam Comfort

Online Admission: $45

* Dr. Ramsey’s presentations will be LIVE ONLY and will not be available after the event


Click the image below for the final 2020 Virtual Event packet:

Live Event Lineup:

Saturday, November 7th
*Schedule is Subject To Change as Needed*
START TIME FINISH TIME Speaker Topic Description
8:30 AM 8:50 AM Room Open for Guest/Speakers to sign in and queue up for first presentation.
9:00 AM 9:50 AM Dr. Samuel Ramsey The Honey Bee Landlord: Why Everything Wants to Live in Your Hive Ever wondered why so many creatures risk life and limb to live with a bunch of stinging insects that don’t want them there? What’s so alluring about living inside a honey bee hive and how have other creatures been able to dupe insects as smart as the honey bees into letting them stay? **This presentation is “LIVE” only and will not be available after the live event itself.**
10:00 AM 10:50 AM Dr. David Tarpy The Quality of Commercial Queens With our interest in multiple mating by queens we are prompted to ask the next logical question about how good commercial queens are. Diminished queen quality and reduced longevity is a major problem experienced by beekeepers, and so this presentation explores the good news and the bad news when it comes to buying queens in the apiculture industry.
11:00 AM 11:50 AM Dr. Ferhat Ozturk Uses of Honey in Wound Healing Honey was long ago used as a means to treat all manner of ailments, but as our society moved more towards pharmaceuticals, we drifted away from some of the more natural approaches of days gone by. However, the medical community is slowly waking back up to the realization that there was some truth to these forgotten methods. Join Dr. Ferhat Ozturk as he walks us through the medicinal uses of honey on the treatment of wounds.
12:00 PM 12:50 PM Sam Comfort Swarm the State: The Stinging Past and Sweet Future What does our beekeeping future look like? How do we maintain our independence and resilience in bzzzarre times? Anarchy Apiaries is addressing these issues through a tri-focal lens (environment, methodology, genetics) to make beekeeping simpler and stronger.
1:00 PM 1:50 PM Dr. Samuel Ramsey Fight the Mite (Thailand Edition): Understanding the Mysterious Tropilaelaps Mite Tropilaelaps mercedesae is among the most concerning threats to our bees but continues to be one of the least studied. The Fight the Mite Initiative was established to proactively better our understanding of this creature without waiting for it to arrive in the US first. Funded largely by the beekeeping community, Dr. Ramsey has been researching the behavior, lifecycle, and vulnerabilities of the Tropilaelaps to chemical and non-chemical treatment measures. Though the project was ended abruptly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this presentation will detail discoveries and data collected to this point and the need for continued study. **This presentation is “LIVE” only and will not be available after the live event itself.**
2:00 PM 2:50 PM Dr. David Tarpy Queen & Disease Clinic Based on our research on queens and colony health, we have launched an exciting new
initiative to bring these same scientific techniques to help answer questions that beekeepers have.
This new clinic provides a fee-based service for all beekeepers to help ensure quality control, provide
troubleshooting, and even custom experimentation. Tune in to this presentation to learn all about how it works and to see if it might be a serive that could help you in your beekeeping endeavors.
3:00 PM 3:50 PM Dr. Ferhat Ozturk Which Honey Types for Medical Use Did you know that same types of honey are better used for medicinal purposes than others? This is actually because each type of honey has its own unique levels of bioactivity. Some types of honey even have naturally occurring peroxide properties within them. In fact, there could be a type of honey right here in the U.S. that has the potential to be more effective in certain treatments than that of Manuka honey. Join Dr. Ferhat Ozturk as he guides us through the methods used to determine which honey is best for medical purposes.

This is designed to be a come and go as you please type of event. If you have someone you’ve always wanted to see LIVE and/or you want the opportunity to have them answer your questions, simple make sure to tune in a few minutes before that specific session is to begin. If you’re unable to catch some of the LIVE presentations, then don’t fear… with the exception of Dr. Ramsey, all of our Keynote Presentations will be recorded and will become available for you to watch at your leisure after the event. However, if you are wanting to see Dr. Ramsey specifically, then you must attend his LIVE sessions because they are a one time only opportunity due to recording restrictions on the sensitive work he is currently undertaking.

In addition to the Amazing LIVE Presentations and Q&A with our impressive lineup of Keynote speakers, your ticket also grants you access to the following library of educational videos starting on the day of the event and running through the end of February 2021. That’s right! You can spend the off season and your winter months building up your beekeeping repertoire with topics on:

  • Bee Removals
  • Dealing with Feisty/Testy Bees
  • Making a Solar Wax Melter
  • Wax Craft Demonstrations
  • Nutritional Ecology of Honey Bees in a Changing Landscape
  • Hive Inspections
  • Stepping Up Into Pollination Services
  • Queen Rearing
  • Topbar Beekeeping
  • Building Your Own Topbar Hive
  • Testing and Treating for Varroa
  • Texas Bee Laws
  • Texas Honey Regulations
  • How to Make Creamed Honey
  • Preparing for a Honey Show
  • Mead Making
  • Beginning Beekeeping
  • Bees as a Superorganism
  • Overwintering Your Colonies
  • Bee Nutrition & Feeding

… and more videos are being added to the roster every day!