Websites often take a long time to plan, design, fill with wonderful content and launch without any issues.  Chris Doggett and I have been working diligently with the cooperation of the other TBA Officers and Directors to bring you this new website.

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Mentoring Beekeepers

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Traditionally beekeepers have been kind of do-it-yourself, outdoor oriented, and non-techical type of people.  The world did not have websites centuries or decades ago, but we do now.  Information was traditionally shared and education was provided by family members or mentors.  Books and seminars on the subject of beekeeping came gradually over the last few decades.

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Usher in the modern era.  Websites, Facebook, YouTube, On-Line Forums and other digital devices now provide gateways to information new beekeepers desire.  The modern era DIY’er seems to go digital first, seeking bits and bytes of information previously out of reach sans “mentor”.  We are not saying it is time to hang up the ways of doing things before, just that all things change, and we at Texas Beekeepers Association are changing too.  We want your journey in beekeeping to be as positive one.  It is our goal to bring you relevant content, proven and tested beekeeping methods and management practices that have been used across the state of Texas.


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Trusted sources of information related to beekeeping can be difficult to find.  Everyone with a computer, digital camera (or video camera), can be an “instant expert” by creating YouTube videos, websites, or posting to on-line forums.

We have become an on-line community and with that comes the ability to transact business on-line.  We have added the ability to manage your membership, shop, and soon register (and pay) for the summer clinic and annual convention all on-line.

The new commerce related features in the website is only the beginning.  We will continue to add educational content and videos that the Texas Beekeepers Association Officers, Directors, and Members believe that add value in your knowledge quest.

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