TBA Officers and Directors

Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA) is a member based organization representative of commercial, sideliner, and small-scale beekeepers, as well as scientists, educators and other individuals interested in the promotion and preservation of honey bees and beekeeping in the State of Texas.

Many of the TBA members are also members of their local beekeeping associations, the ABF (American Beekeeping Federation) and/or the AHPA (American Honey Producers Association), giving them experience and interest on the local and national level.

TBA has among its past presidents and directors a virtual who’s who of beekeeping. From major commercial beekeepers and queen breeders to leading educators, scientists, and businessmen, all have generously given their time and talent to lead TBA to the prominent position it holds in the state and the nation.

As a volunteer organization we are constantly seeking talent to help make our organization better. If you’re interested in volunteering – please fill out this form.


Ashley Ralph
President, Ashley Ralph
Owner @ Prime Bees
Dodie Stillman
Vice President, Dodie Stillman
Bee Educator & Advocate
Secretary, Leesa Hyder
Since 2016
Treasurer, Julie Haza
Since 2021
Membership, Shirley Doggett
Co-Publications Director, Nathalie Missery-Biggie & Chris Doggett
Blake Shook
Past President, Blake Shook
Owner @ Texas Bee Supply


Director, Gary Barber
Owner @ Honey Bees Unlimited
Director, Monica Siwiak
Owner @ Houston Bee Rescue
Director, Jimmy Middlebrooks
Owner @ Middlebrooks Bees
Director, Nathalie Biggie
Owner @ Bee-Mindful
Director, Byron Compton
Owner @ Sweet Texas Gold
Director, Charles McMaster
Retired Army, Hives for Heroes State Rep

Advisors & Counsel:

Chris Doggett
Special Advisor, Chris Doggett
Special Advisor, Chris Moore
Owner @ Moore Honey Farm
General Counsel, Kaye Brouse

Thank you to our TBA Board and other Key Volunteers:

Check out our committees list to see our key volunteers and initiates. With the help of so many amazing beekeepers and bee advocates, we are able to accomplish so much for Texas Beekeepers. Would you like to volunteer to join the efforts?

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