TBA Officers and Directors

TBA (Texas Beekeepers Association) is a member based organization representative of commercial, sideliner, and small-scale beekeepers, as well as scientists, educators and other individuals interested in the promotion and preservation of honey bees and beekeeping in the State of Texas.

Many of the TBA members are also members of their local beekeeping associations, the ABF (American Beekeeping Federation) and/or the AHPA (American Honey Producers Association), giving them experience and interest on the local and national level.

TBA has among its past presidents and directors a virtual who’s who of beekeeping. From major commercial beekeepers and queen breeders to leading educators, scientists, and businessmen, all have generously given their time and talent to lead TBA to the prominent position it holds in the state and the nation.



Blake Shook
Blake Shook

Before winning a youth program scholarship in 2003 from my local bee club, I really had never been that interested in beekeeping. But, two months into the program, I was convinced I wanted to spend the rest of my life beekeeping. I spent my high school years catching swarms, making splits, and delivering honey out of the back of my grandfather’s 1988 Ford pickup. After graduating high school, I’ve been fortunate enough to continue to grow my beekeeping. Today Desert Creek Honey manages 5-8,000 hives depending on the time of year. We package all of our own honey, and market and sell it to various retailers. In 2017, we also started Texas Bee Supply, a Texas supplier of bees and equipment. In an effort to help promote beekeeping and honey, I’m honored to serve on the boards of the American Beekeeping Federation and the National Honey Board, as well as the Texas Beekeepers Association.

Ashley Ralph
Ashley Ralph

Ashley and her husband Justin own Prime Bees apiary in College Station, Texas. They offer educational services as well as pollination, raw honey, agricultural leases, and bee sales. Ashley owns a real estate brokerage in Bryan / College Station and enjoys the change in pace that beekeeping brings. She is in the Master Beekeeping Program and is an active member and President of the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association.

Executive Secretary:
Leesa Hyder

Leesa Hyder joined the TBA Board as Executive Secretary in 2016.


Our Executive Secretary, Leesa Hyder, will be serving as Interim Treasurer until a new Treasurer can be named.

Board of Directors

Director, Area 1
Chris Doggett

Chris Doggett received a degree in Mathematics at Bristol University in England in 1967 and moved to the United States in 1984. After a career in sales and management of electronics manufacturing companies he retired in 2002. He lives in Thrall, TX where he has been a beekeeper for seven years. In 2014 he was President of Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association and has served as Publications Director of the Texas Beekeepers Association for many years.

Director, Area 2
Robin Young

Robin and her husband Jack are the blessed parents of four children ages 4 to 8. Robin is an entrepreneurial business person enjoying business in beekeeping, a Christian based mother’s-day-out program and operating a family ranch. In her younger years she was a District Manager of Subway in the DFW area.

She is a Texas Master Beekeeper as of 2017. She will turn in and take final testing to become an Artisan Beekeeper in the spring of 2019 majoring in Queen Rearing.

Director, Area 3
John Swan

John Swan is the owner of Wicked Bee Apiary where he manages an average 40 honeybee hives, provides training and consultations for other beekeepers, and hive management services for land owners. From the hives at the Apiary, John produces his unique line of Wicked Bee Honey products. He is also the owner of Wicked Bee Removal Service.

John is currently President of the Travis County Beekeeper’s Association. John is also a member of the Texas Master Beekeeper’s program and a board member for the Austin Area Garden Clubs at Zilker Botanical Gardens.

Director, Area 4:
Roger Farr

Roger is a Texas Master Beekeeper, and both he and Sue are Texas Master Gardeners; these two interests match well to be successful in beekeeping. Both Roger and his wife Sue enjoy sharing their love of beekeeping through teaching NewBee classes, mentoring new beekeepers, and speaking on bees, pollination, and pollinator-friendly plants. Roger and Sue have grown their apiary to seven hives, which produce honey to share and sell, and nucleus hives to supply other new beekeepers. They are content to be hobby beekeepers who enjoy bees and beekeepers.


Director, Area 5
Harrison Rogers

Harrison is a hobbyist beekeeper that lives in Brookside Village with his wife Mary. They have had hives on their property for five years and produce a modest crop of honey for family use and local sales. He is a retired engineer and is Vice President of Harris County Beekeepers Association. He is responsible for programs for both Harris County and Brazoria County Beekeepers Associations. He is a member of the first graduating class of Texas Master Beekeepers and begins his first year as TBA director in 2016.

Myra Smith
Director, Area 6
Myra Smith

Myra is a hobbyist beekeeper. She and her husband Glynn have 12 hives and have been beekeepers for seven years. She and Glynn are experienced with both Langstroth and Top Bar hives. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of beekeeping by teaching classes and presenting programs to schools and other community groups. Myra is Vice President and Program Director for the Longview Bee Club. She is on the Board of Directors and Program Director for the Marshall Bee Club and for the Wood County Bee Club. Myra is President of the NET Beekeepers Conference. Myra is also a Master Gardener.


Shirley Doggett

Shirley was born in Northampton, England, and came to the US in 1985 where she graduated Dominican College, Blauvelt, NY with a degree in Education. She taught multi-handicapped adults at Dominican before moving on to manage a group home. She married Chris in Ambler, PA in 1988 and moved to Round Rock, TX in 1992. Shirley managed a school for 72 multi-handicapped children in Austin, TX before moving on to teach Special Ed. at Forest Creek Elementary School in Round Rock. Now retired and living in Thrall, TX.