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We are standing by to serve you in any way we can. If you have any questions about the Texas Beekeepers Association, how to start a local beekeeping club or association, or how we may further your educational interests or about the preservation of Honey Bees.

Swarms and Honey Bee Removals

We understand that at times your appreciation for honey bees may be tested.   We do have people that can help you!  TBA and the Texas Apiary Inspection Service have provided a list of people that maintain permits to remove honey bees from areas or locations that perhaps try your patience.  Follow the link to our honey bee removal service page, scroll down, view the map and click on the pin point closest to you.  A list of names and phone numbers will present opportunities to regain your sanity!

Honey Locator

Are you looking for a great source of pure Texas Honey?  You can follow the link to our honey locator page to find a list of beekeepers in your area that are in good standing with the Texas Beekeepers Association.  They may be able to satisfy that craving for some real honey!


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