Community Resources

Texas Beekeepers Association seeks to educate the community about how to be better stewards for bees, support their local beekeepers, and be advocates for the bee industry. Since becoming a beekeeper is not for everyone, here are a few ways you can help us, help bees!

How to help honey bees:

  1. Plant a pollinator and bee friendly garden that provides a resource of food throughout the year. Focus on high nutritional value trees to provide even more blooms for bees near you.
  2. Support your local beekeepers in whatever way you can – find your local honey supplier here.
  3. Provide a water source for bees to hydrate.
  4. Support legislative issues that are important to beekeepers.
  5. Eat foods pollinated by honey bees – this ensures that farmer’s are incentivized to work with beekeepers to create a healthy environment for bees.
  6. Use less contaminates in the environment. From pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, these chemicals can have negative affects honey bees and other pollinators. While we understand the need for these chemicals, we encourage limited and responsible use.
  7. Support honey bee causes – from research to education, there are many honey bee friendly organizations that you can support financially.
  8. Become a beekeeper!

Additional Resources:

Commercial beekeepers are the backbone of agriculture as they provide farmers with the pollinator workforce to ensure a crop yield. Learn more about how migratory beekeeping works from our Texas Honey Queen Program.