Club Resources

Welcome to our Local and Regional Club Resource Page, where we’ll share resources to help your organization thrive. We work with clubs throughout the State of Texas to educate members and encourage collaborative learning within the bee industry.

Whether you’re looking to start a bee club, host an event, educate members, or grow your organization, we provide resources created from feedback and experiences from clubs throughout the state. Our member clubs are integral to the strong beekeeping industry in Texas. Beekeeper collaboration helps us all to face challenges within the beekeeping industry and community as well as to make sense of a legislative and regulatory issues.

Member clubs receive the following benefits from Texas Beekeepers Association:

  • Organization recognition and listing on the Texas Beekeepers Association website
  • Upcoming meetings, learning events, or bee schools promoted on the Texas Beekeepers Association calendar
  • Organization bee schools advertised to the TBA Membership
  • Club contact receives resources and communication regarding the bee industry to share with their club
  • Club contact receives a copy of the TBA Journal
  • Organization recognition and listing on the Texas Beekeepers Association Journal
  • Annually updated TBA Speaker Resource List access
  • May participate in the Web Hosting Program
  • Receive updates and invitations to live learning events sponsored by TBA or TBA affiliated clubs

Helpful Guides web hosting programTBA Speaker List Resource

If you’re not a member club or you’re looking to build a club in your area – check out our resource on Starting a Bee Club and be sure to contact our Membership Coordinator or Join Here to get signed up for the perks listed above! We’re happy to help however we can. 

For new and forming clubs, we have the following resources to help get you started:

Starting a bee club

Local and regional club memberships may be renewed online, or by contacting our Membership Coordinator.