Beekeeper Resources

Our website is filled with many outside resources and organizations from Honey Locators to Local Bee Club Maps and Swarm Removal Contacts. We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources to help you find the resources you seek.

Locate local honey, learn about how you can help the bees, find a beekeeper, and more.
Our members share multiple benefits from industry news, discounted event tickets, educational information and more.
Our Texas local associations work to provide education, events, and resources in their area. We work to support their efforts through resources, networking, and more.

If you have additional resource suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Getting Started in Beekeeping

Honey Bee Health Resources

Laboratory Testing

Texas Laws & Bee Services

Insurance for Beekeepers

Beekeeping Organizations

Grants & Funding Programs

Conservation Organizations

Asian Giant Hornet Resources (for information purposes only)

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