Who is TBA?

TBA is a member-based organization that represents all Texas beekeepers and local beekeeping associations.

We work with scientists, educators, beekeepers, honey packers, vendors, and others interested in the promotion of Texas beekeeping and REAL TEXAS HONEY.

Our mission is to help both small-scale and commercial beekeepers through education, promotion, resources, and collaboration.

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Membership Benefits

  • Connect with beekeepers and associations statewide
  • Reduced registration fees at the Summer Clinic and the Annual Convention
  • Contribute to research programs at the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab
  • TBA Journal (6 issues a year)
  • Support Texas Master Beekeeper Program
  • Complimentary one year membership to associations or members of associations who have not previously been members of TBA
  • Work to protect and assure the integrity of honey in the market
  • Contribution to the Texas Honey Bee Education Association

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Your membership supports the initiatives we’ve outlined in our resolutions as well as ensures you’ll be kept up to date with the efforts of the organization!