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2018 Annual Convention

November 8th -10th
Frank Mayborn Event & Convention Center

3303 N 3rd St., Temple, TX 76501
** 9 am to 5 pm **

Friday Keynote Speakers


Dr. Reed Johnson, Ohio State University
Beekeeping in Urban and Agricultural Areas: Risks and Benefits
Current Varroa Control and Prospects for New Miticides


Dr. Roger Hoopingarner, Michigan State University
Numbers, Boxcars and Bees – Population Dynamics of Colony Growth
Swarming: Colonies by the Numbers
The Importance of Good Queens


George Hansen, Former President ABF
The Times, They are A Changing
Beekeeping Meets Star Trek: Technical Applications in Beekeeping


Saturday Breakout Sessions Include

Agricultural Exemption for Personal & Business
Comb Honey Production with Two Queen Systems
Making Infused & Creamed Honey
Pollination Services
Population Management in the Bee Yard
Best Management Practices for Texas Apiculture
Growing Pains – Moving from Beginner to Sideliner to Commercial
Varroa Control Using Organic Treatments
Honey Bee Toxicology
Lip Balms & Lotions
Panel Discussions

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Additional Convention Information