TBA’s Accomplishments

The Texas Beekeepers Association continues to work with the best interest of beekeepers in mind. We are driven by the core values and mission of our organization as well as the resolutions that guide our initiatives. As we bring together shared interest groups and foster collaboration across various interests in beekeeping so that we can accomplish more, together.

Each year, the Texas Beekeepers Association works with committees to complete initiatives and projects to provide more services, resources, and information to our members.

  • Hosts annual Summer Clinic and Convention to educate Texas beekeepers
  • Represent Texas beekeepers and honey producers at The State Fair of Texas through sponsoring the honey show/cooking with honey awards at the Go Texan Pavilion.
  • Hosts annual Texas Honey Show
  • Continued efforts to build resources, knowledge, and relationships to benefit the bee industry. Our established committees work to accomplish many goals each year

Notable TBA Accomplishments

  • Worked with Texas legislators to secure $2 Million funding in the biennial Texas budget to hire a statewide apiary specialist and to establish an apiary extension program with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service (2023)
  • Worked with Texas legislators to implement productive and necessary updates to Chapter 131 of the Texas Agriculture Code (2023)
  • Collaborated with the Pollinator Partnership and Texas A&M Extension to develop a Texas Bee Identification Guide (2022-2023)
  • 2021 USDA SARE Grant Participant – Creation of TexasBeekeeping101.com (2021)
  • Worked with legislators to add beekeepers to the Texas Farm Animal Liability Act (2021)
  • Raised startup funds for the “Love Honey Bees” License Plate to benefit the Texas Honey Bee Education Association (2019-2020)
  • Joined the Texas Ag Council to represent beekeepers and bees and network with agricultural leaders in Texas (2020)
  • Established Real Texas Honey to promote honey produced in Texas (2017)
  • Received $150,000 grant from Texas Department of Agriculture to promote Texas honey as a specialty crop (2016)
  • Established Texas Honey Bee Education Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit designed to educate about honey bees (2016)
  • Worked with Texas legislators to pass legislation exempting small honey producers from licensing regulations (2015)
  • Assisted the Texas Apiary Inspection Service in establishing the Texas Master Beekeeper Program and continues support of TMBP by hosting testing locations annually (2014- Present)
  • TBA Membership assisted in raising funds for the building of Janice & John G. Thomas Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab  (~2009)
  • Continues to raise money and awareness for the Nevin Weaver Honey Bee Excellence Endowment to benefit Texas A&M Apiculture – our membership has raised more than $100,000 for research at Texas A&M University (2009-Present)
  • Established the Texas Honey Queen Program to promote bees, honey, and beekeepers in Texas.

The leadership of the Texas Beekeepers Association continues to build on this list of accomplishments as we work with strategic partners throughout the state and country. Each year, the membership passes resolutions to help guide these initiatives in the upcoming years. Many of our past accomplishments have taken years to achieve and are the combined effort of countless volunteer hours. We look forward to many more notable accomplishments in the years to come.

Texas Beekeepers Association recognizes outstanding contributors to these accomplishments and other notable contributions to the industry and our association through annual awards. Our dedicated volunteers and members are the backbone of our organization.