Texas bees and beekeepers work hard to bring you quality Texas honey.


The Texas Beekeepers Association Honey Locator interactive web page assists consumers to locate real Texas beekeepers selling honey in specific areas of the state.

Why support your local Texas beekeeper?

  1. Support your local agricultural community.
  2. Keep your hard-earned money local.
  3. According to the USDA-ERS and USDA-AMS about 70% of honey sold in the US is imported.
  4. Purchase honey directly from a Texas beekeeper.
  5. The USDA and FDA do not define nor regulate terms to describe honey like raw, local, natural, or unfiltered.
  6. Real Local Raw honey contains local pollens.
  7. Help keep Texas honey bees alive by supporting your local beekeeper.

The Honey Locator at the bottom of this page is a service provided to connect consumers with beekeepers. It is an interactive map to show where beekeepers are in the state, along with their contact information. Please support your local Texas beekeepers.

This guide is also meant to educate consumers so they can ask more direct questions about where the honey they buy comes from and how it is processed. Talk to your local beekeeper. Ask how many hives they personally manage, where they are located, how much honey they produce each year, and how they strain and warm their honey before you buy it. Their answers will be telling.


The honey companies and beekeepers shown on the Honey Locator have agreed to market their honey using the following definitions:

Honey – A sweet substance produced by Honey Bees strictly from plant nectar.

Raw – Raw honey has not been pasteurized or even heated significantly because excessive heat can weaken or destroy natural enzymes and some of the benefits of honey. Honey should be only slightly warmed to re-liquefy for packaging.

Unfiltered – Unfiltered honey naturally contains small particles like bits of wax, while leaving most all pollen grains in the liquid honey. Some honey packers ultra-filter honey, which extends shelf life before crystallization, but removes all pollen. Some course straining can be used to remove large particles, but not the extent that it removes nutrients.

Pure – 100% Honey, with no additives.

Natural – 100% Honey, with no additives.

Local – Honey that is produced and consumed in the same geographical area and contains the same pollens as local flowers and plants. Please see the Texas Honey Locator to find local honey in your area.

Producer – A beekeeper who produces 100% of his own honey.

Producer/Packer -A beekeeper who produces 100% of his own packaged product.

Packer/Producer – An individual who produces 30% or more of his packaged product.

Packer – An individual that buys Texas Honey in Bulk and repackages for sale to the consumer.

Marketer/Broker – A person or company that buys packaged Texas honey, and resells it.
NOTE: The Texas Beekeeper’s Association believes that these definitions are fair and accurate. To be included in this Honey Locator it is expected that members abide by these definitions.

Crystallized honey – Real honey never spoils. Most Texas honey will crystallize or granulate naturally over time. To restore it to its liquid state just heat it gently in hot water, but never in a microwave oven.

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If you are a Texas beekeeper and TBA Member and would like to apply for inclusion on the Honey Locator, please click on our Honey Locator Application.

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