Free Catalogs and Brochures

All clubs benefit from having FREE literature to provide to your members. Why not provide as much as you can!

1st and foremost…Contact us ( and request some TBA brochures! You’ll want to ask for some Honey Queen brochures as well!

2nd…Provide your club members with supplier catalogs. Here are a few suppliers that will readily send them right out. Just tell them you are a TBA member Bee Club!

Dadant & Sons (877-632-3268)
Mann Lake (800-880-7694)
Kelley Beekeeping (800-233-2899)

3rd…The Honey Board will send you a year’s worth of brochures and literature by contacting Andrea @ (303-776-2337). These work really well for local fairs and events where you are wanting to have “give away” materials to the public!

All of these are FREE to you as a Bee Club and shipped FREE!