Local Beekeeper Associations

Local beekeeper associations affiliated with the Texas Beekeepers Association generally hold monthly meetings.  These local beekeeper associations present an opportunity for beekeepers to meet and discuss techniques, methods, and new discoveries while providing new educational awareness for newcomers.  The larger local beekeeper associations also conduct scholarship programs for young people and elect local Honey Queens and Princesses who visit schools, gardening clubs and community groups to increase awareness of the honey bee.

Each local beekeeper association elects its own officers and conducts its affairs according to published bylaws.  Meetings generally run sixty to ninety minutes depending upon the meeting agenda as determined by the officers and members.  Each local beekeeper association, and individual local member, is encouraged to join the Texas Beekeepers Association to enable access to the TBA Journal, support at the state level in legislative matters affecting the honey bee, discounted entry into the TBA Summer Clinic and TBA Annual Convention.  Each of these annual functions provide exposure to industry leading speakers, research, and education.

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