Texas Honey Queen

Through the Texas Honey Queen Program, the Texas Honey Queen serves as an official representative of the Texas Beekeepers Association (“TBA”) to educate the public on all aspects of bees, honey, and the beekeeping industry. The Texas Honey Queen is selected annually from qualified candidates at the TBA convention in the fall of each year. The Texas Honey Queen Program is under the direction of TBA and is funded by donations from individuals and organizations that support the purpose of the Program.

Texas Honey Queen Chair
Contact: texashoneyqueenprogram@texasbeekeepers.org

Texas Honey Queen

None in 2021

Previous Honey Queens

The Texas Beekeepers Association and its members cannot begin to show their gratitude for the personal sacrifices and service that our previously crowned Honey Queens have provided to our association.  Their tireless efforts, miles traveled, children educated, presentations given, and honey recipes crafted would exhaust the normal person.  Please provide a donation to their Texas Honey Queen Fund if you agree.

Scroll through the photos of these magnificent and beautiful ladies to the right.  Think about how you can continue their efforts today.

Small wild plum, March 2, 2011, Terry Fender

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