Texas Honey Queen

Through the Texas Honey Queen Program, the Texas Honey Queen serves as an official representative of the Texas Beekeepers Association (“TBA”) to educate the public on all aspects of bees, honey, and the beekeeping industry. The Texas Honey Queen is selected annually from qualified candidates at the TBA convention in the fall of each year. The Texas Honey Queen Program is under the direction of TBA and is funded by donations from individuals and organizations that support the purpose of the Program.

Saundra Smith, 2019-2020 Texas Honey Queen Chair
Lauren Ward, 2020-2021 Texas Honey Queen Chair

Contact: tx.honeyqueen.prg@gmail.com

Texas Honey Queen – Virginia Allen

Virginia is the daughter of David and Mary-Ann Allen of Richardson, Texas. She started beekeeping in 2014 through the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association Youth Scholarship Program. She then served as the 2018 CCHBA Honey Princess and 2019 CCHBA Honey Queen. Among her many interests, she especially likes to go rock climbing and backpacking with her family, volunteer at her church, and is an active member in the local Fire Explorers program.

Virginia Allen

Texas Honey Princess – Blake Nester

2020 Texas Honey Princess, Blake Nester, began beekeeping in 2011 when her parents started a hive as a family hobby. Since then, her parents have opened up a honey store, Creek House Honey Farm and Honey Buzz Winery, where Blake works. They have also started the Palo Duro Bee Club for beekeepers around the Texas Panhandle. Blake attends West Texas A&M University and plans to graduate with her degree in marketing. While working at Creek House Honey Farm and attending club meetings every month, Blake loves to answer any questions people have about bees or the honey industry. Blake also gives most of her time to making healing beeswax skin care products at her family store. She loves researching beeswax and propolis and figuring out what product she can make next. Blake enjoys reading, crocheting, doing puzzles with her sister and playing with her dog, Baxter.

Blake Nester

Previous Honey Queens

The Texas Beekeepers Association and its members cannot begin to show their gratitude for the personal sacrifices and service that our previously crowned Honey Queens have provided to our association.  Their tireless efforts, miles traveled, children educated, presentations given, and honey recipes crafted would exhaust the normal person.  Please provide a donation to their Texas Honey Queen Fund if you agree.

Scroll through the photos of these magnificent and beautiful ladies to the right.  Think about how you can continue their efforts today.

Small wild plum, March 2, 2011, Terry Fender

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