Past TBA Presidents & Board

Our TBA Board has served beekeepers through countless volunteer hours. We have an amazing history of Past Presidents, board members, and volunteers who have helped to pave a brighter future for beekeepers in an increasingly complex world.

We’ve created this page as an homage to our rich history. Thank you to all of our past board members and volunteers for the work you’ve put into our organization.

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurerMembershipPublicationsDirector 1Director 2Director 3Director
Director 5Director
2021-2022Ashley RalphDodie StillmanLeesa HyderJulie HazaShirley DoggettChris Doggett & Nathalie BiggieGary BarberNathalie BiggieByron ComptonCharles McMasterMonica SiwiakJimmy Middlebrooks
2020-2021Ashley RalphJohn SwanLeesa HyderBarbi RoseShirley DoggettChris DoggettDodie StillmanRobin YoungCharlie AgarRebecca VaughanMonica SiwiakMyra Smith
2019-2020Ashley RalphJohn SwanLeesa HyderBarbi RoseShirley DoggettChris DoggettDodie StillmanRobin YoungCharlie AgarRoger FarrMonica SiwiakMyra Smith
2018-2019Blake ShookAshley RalphLeesa HyderLeesa HyderShirley DoggettChris DoggettChris DoggettRobin YoungJohn SwanRoger FarrHarrison RogersMyra Smith
2017-2018Chris MooreLisa DittfurthLeesa HyderLeesa HyderShirley DoggettChris DoggettChris DoggettTanya PhillipsAshley RalphRoger FarrHarrison RogersCameron Crane
2016-2017Chris MooreLisa DittfurthLeesa HyderLeesa HyderShirley DoggettChris DoggettRoger FarrTanya PhillipsLance WilsonJames Elam (partial)Harrison RogersCameron Crane
2015-2016Chris MooreMark HedleyJohn TalbertHolly MedinaShirley DoggettChris DoggettTammy BarrLisa DittfurthLance WilsonLeesa HyderHarrison RogersCameron Crane
2014-2015Blake ShookChris MooreJohn TalbertHolly MedinaShirley DoggettChris DoggettLisa DittfurthLeesa HyderMark HedleyEddie CollinsCameron CraneTammy Barr
2013-2014Blake ShookChris MooreJohn TalbertJohn TalbertChris DoggettWendy RiggsRussell SwinneyMark HedleyEddie CollinsRodney HollowayJames Rowe
2012-2013Blake ShookChris MooreJohn TalbertJimmie OakleyChris DoggettWendy RiggsRussell SwinneyClint WeaverEddie CollinsRodney HollowayJames Rowe
2011-2012Ed PriestBlake ShookJohn TalbertJimmie OakleyChris DoggettWendy RiggsRussell SwinneyClint WeaverRandy JohnsonRodney HollowayChris Moore
2010-2011Todd YoungbloodEd PriestJohn TalbertJimmie OakleyJoan CoplinWendy RiggsBlake ShookClint WeaverRandy JohnsonRay LatnerChris Moore
2010Todd Youngblood
2009Todd Youngblood
2008Ted Vance
2007Ted Vance
2006John J. Talbert
2005John J. Talbert
2004John J. Talbert
2003Daniel Weaver
2002A.J. Fucik
2001A.J. Fucik
2000Ernest Caldwell
1999Ernest Caldwell
1998Ernest Caldwell
1997Mark Brady
1996Mark Brady
1995Mark Brady
1994Jerry Stroope
1993Henry Graham
1992Henry Graham
1991Mel Coplin
1990Glen Mace
1989James Braden
1988Ray Chancey
1987Ray Chancey
1986Richard Weaver
1985David Briden
1984A.J. Mercer III
1983A.J. Mercer III
1982D. Powell
1981J. Parr
1980J. Milam
1979G.C. Walker Jr.
1978L. Frint
1977L. Frint
1976S. Atkins
1975T. Rice
1974R. Goodwyn
1973B. Stroope
1972E. Youngblood Jr.
1971B.H. Weaver
1970A. Pietsh
1969E.L. Walker
1968C.S. Engle Jr.
1967M. Weaver
1966O. Stroope
1965B. Weaver
1964H.A. Victor
1963J. Milam
1962R.T. Sykes
1961R.T. Sykes
1960C.S. Engle Sr.
1959L. Atkins
1958J.R. Petty
1957J.R. Stroope
1956G.C. Walker
1955E. Youngblood
1954T.W. Burleson
1953R.S. Weaver Jr.
1952G.G. Stroope
1951R.E. Jackson
1950N. Ross
1949A.W. Bulay