Honey Locator Guidelines

Texas Beekeepers Association Honey Locator Guidelines

  1. I am a member in good standing of the Texas Beekeepers Association.
  2. Participants in the TBA Honey locator must submit a Honey Locator Online Application.
  3. To maintain good standing, participants will be contacted each year for re-verification.
  4. All honey labeled as Pure and/or Natural must not be flavored or contain any other additive or substance.
  5. All honey labeled as Raw may not be heated above 120°F.
  6. All honey labeled as Unfiltered must not be ultra-filtered, and will contain pollen as collected by the honey bees.
  7. Honey products such as honey butters, spreads, mead, and flavored or infused honey may use the terms Pure and/or Natural only in describing the honey used in the product, not the product as a whole.
  8. The term “organic honey” may not be used to describe Texas honey.
  9. Honey containers must be labeled in accordance with current Texas laws.
  10. Any infractions in this agreement may result in deletion from the Honey Locator.
  11. Inclusion in the TBA Honey Locator does not in itself allow the use of the Real Texas Honey™ seal in any manner.