Second Steps in Beekeeping is now open

Registration for Second Steps in Beekeeping is now open! Second Steps in Beekeeping – Choose Registration (

All classes are held virtually and ***all sessions are recorded*** so you can watch or catch up later.

This course, presented by Molly Keck – beekeeper and entomologist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, is designed to help those who are within their first or second year of beekeeping answer “what’s next?”

However, anyone from just thinking of getting bees to more seasoned beekeepers who still need help are welcome to attend.

October 9 –   

Recap of Honey Bee Biology  OR what’s happening inside the hive this time of year?

Recognizing Signs of Stress in the Hive and How to Remedy

Requeening Hives


October 11 –  

Splitting and Combining Hives

Winter Preparation

Spring Chores


October 16 –
Fire Ants, Wax Moths, Small Hive Beetles

Varroa Mite Monitoring & Management