Spending $1 Million Dollars

TBA helped obtain funding during the last Texas legislative session for an Apiculture Extension Entomologist. For many years, the TBA membership has passed resolutions expressing the need for an apiary extension agent for Texas. The continuing resolution was:
Whereas beekeeping has expanded in the state of Texas; and
Whereas Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is an important vehicle for dissemination of good beekeeping practices,
Be it Resolved that TBA will continue to pursue the creation of a Statewide Apiary Extension Agent.

This last session, Representative Mary Gonzales and Senator Charles Perry, after consultation with TAMU, introduced budget riders for funding the position at A&M. Both of these legislators have been strong supporters of TBA and beekeeping in Texas over the years.

The first position will be located in the Overton office, hands-on honey bee research will happen right next to this lovely field!

The job, Assistant Professor, Apiculture Extension Entomologist, was posted earlier this month. If you are interested, you can view the details online.