State Fair of Texas Update by John Talbert:

Summer is here and it has been a roller coaster. Hot and then record cool. Seems like the rain has been at the wrong time. If your bees are like mine, you are wondering what happened to the honey crop. Hopefully the weather will moderate and we will have some more stable weather by the time for the State Fair of Texas and the Honey Booth.



There continues to be considerable interest in the honey bee by the media. I have been interviewed several times this year about the honey bee and her impact on the food supply. We have endeavored to present a very positive image about beekeepers and their importance too. If you have any suggestions for telling the story of pollination, please send them to me. As always, your help is needed to provide the honey and funding for the booth. We need more honey than ever and we will need your financial support to be able to tell the story. We are asking the commercial beekeepers to lead the way with $200 donations and the hobbyists $25 or more if possible. We really need to raise about $4000 this year. We are planning some changes to the booth this year and that will require some funding. We also had a ten percent increase in the booth space cost.

The TBA Honey Booth at the State Fair of Texas provides the best opportunity to get our story to the public. Over 1 million consumers of the 3 million that attend the State Fair of Texas pass by the booth each year according to the numbers furnished by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Exposure to each consumer costs less than 4 tenths of a cent. That is very inexpensive. Honey and bees have been the news a lot lately. This has increased the demand for honey. Help us make the Texas consumer realize that they need to purchase TEXAS HONEY.

2009 Texas State Fair 429[1]

Honey Queens do a great job with the cooking demonstrations that make the public aware of what a wonderful ingredient honey can be in the kitchen. Please help them tell the story. Honey will again be showcased by the Honey Queens. We are fortunate that we have more Queens sponsored by local clubs than in quite a while. Racheal Seida has said that there will be eight Queens and Princesses at the State Fair of Texas. Having that many presentations will make for a really busy last weekend of the Fair. We need you to sign up for a date and we need your honey before September 20.

Can you donate a case of honey with your label, or even a jar? Contact John Talbert at (214) 532-9241 if you can. Can you be a volunteer in the booth to help tell the story of honey bees and honey? Please sign up for a date! Call or email John Talbert at