Summer Clinic 2018 Topics

Check out some great topics

from Ashley Ralph, Prime Bees, Event Coordinator

We’re so excited to announce our annual Summer Clinic this year in Conroe, Texas. The event will be held at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe and will feature a number of great speakers from around the state as well as keynote speaker and one of my personal favorite educators – Dr. Jamie Ellis. Jamie has a great way of offering advanced content in an easy to digest and understand way.

We’ll have other great speakers and topics to look forward to as well for all different interest and experience levels. Check out some of these topics!

Just getting started? Some of these classes may be exactly what you need:

  • Simply Begin Beekeeping
  • Virtual Hive Inspection – What Am I Looking At and What Do I Do About It? – Recognizing Problems Within The Hive
  • Annual Management – What Happens In a Beekeeper Year
  • Managing Your Apiary Size – How to Maintain or Grow to your Needs
  • Capturing and Keeping Swarms
  • Pest Management

If you’ve been beekeeping and want to continue to learn new tricks of the trade – you may want to check out
some of these classes:

  • Hive Autopsy: How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake Twice
  • Advanced Bee Biology – Organs, Sensory, Pheromones
  • “The Birds & The Bees” – Pollination Ecology & Bee Botany
  • Pollinator Gardens and Planting for Bees
  • Fights About Mites – Complete Varroa Destructor Discussion
  • Hive Management for Honey Production Strength Colonies
  • “Organic” Treatments in Beekeeping

Looking for something unique and different – a way to expand your bee knowledge into other areas of bees
and beekeeping? Check these out:

  • Bees Improving Lives in 3rd World Countries – Reflections from a Beekeeping Mission in Malawi, Africa
  • Beekeeping History – Bee Genetics, Humans and Bees, Evolution of Beekeeping
  • Apitherapy & The Science Behind It
  • The Art and Science of Mead Making
  • Competing in Honey Shows, Judging Honey

At you building a beekeeping empire? We even have some classes for you:

  • Laws Affecting Beekeepers in Texas
  • Selling Bees and Nucs in Texas
  • Agricultural Exemptions and Bees – Business Models and Rules of the Road
  • Bee Removals – Equipment Needs, Tips, and How To Keep The Bees Alive

Full session descriptions are available here.

As beekeepers we know that we’ll never stop learning – the bees teach us something new every day and continue to surprise us. You won’t want to miss this learning opportunity and we can’t wait to see you there!