2018 Austin Area Beekeeping Seminar

2018 Austin Area Beekeeping Seminar

This is a day-long seminar offering 4 different educational presentations running concurrently throughout the day. There will be a full-day track of beginning classes for people with little or no experience keeping bees who want a solid foundation of beekeeping essentials.  There will also be 24 hour-long classes for intermediate and advanced beekeepers to choose from.  These non-beginner classes will include:

  • General Management 1 and 2 – James and Chari Elam

  • Nutrition Management – Lance Wilson
  • Simple Queen Cell Production – Dan Aurell
  • Varroa Monitoring – Mary Reed
  • Preparing for a honey show – Pamela Yeamans
  • Bees as an Ag Exemption – Dennis Herbert
  • Splitting Techniques – Tanya Phillips
  • Queen Rearing – Dr. Rangel Scientific Presentation
  • Reproductive Biology – Dr. Rangel Scientific Presentation
  • Extraction from a Building – Steve Butler
  • Effective Varroa Management for Robust Populations – Lance Wilson
  • Harvest Economics – Mark Hedley
  • Growing an Apiary Business – Mark Hedley
  • Top Bar Management 1 and 2 -Brandon Fehrenkamp
  • Nutrition Management – TBD
  • Honey Bee Biology and Behavior – TBD
  • Brood Disease Management – Dan Aurell
  • Equipment Assembly – Chuck Reburn
  • Impact of Miticides on Queen Mandibular Pheromone -Liz Walsh
  • Beneficial Beescapes – Becky Bender
  • Swarm Capture – Steve Butler
  • All proceeds for this event will be used to promote sustainable beekeeping practices and provide support to our much appreciated Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab.

    Registration starts at 8:00am with the first class starting at 9:00am.

    What can/can’t I bring to the event?
    We highly encourage all attendees to bring a bag lunch if you would like to talk to vendors over the lunch hour. There are also multiple lunch options within walking distance of the event.
    Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
    While we will have a list of attendees, check-in will go more quickly if you bring your printed ticket with you.
    What are my parking options?
    Parking is available at the Norris Conference Center