TBA Map/Member Table

Map/Member Table

Map LinkMap CategoryListing TextMember NameEnding Date
prime-bees Honey Provider Aggieland Honey / Prime Bees Owners: Justin Russell & Ashley Ralph 3605 Midwest Drive Bryan, TX 77802 Phone: (979) 429-3141 Email: hello@primebees.com Website: http://www.primebees.com Producer/Packer: Retail Raw Honey, Aggieland Honey, Spun/Creamed Honey Natural Beeswax, Honey Products Ashley Ralph 2023/01/19
ahava-honey-farm Honey Provider Ahava Honey Farm Owners: Christine & Keith Mitchell Levelland, TX 79336 Email: ahavahoneyfarm@gmail.com Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered, Comb, Creamed Honey Cotton Blossom, Peach, Apple, Texas Wildflower varieties Pollen, Bulk Beeswax Ahava Honey Farm 2023/04/24
amazing-honey-bee-ranch-apiary-llc Honey Provider Amazing Honey Bee Ranch Apiary LLC Owners: Jim & Debbie Pruett 3209 CR 5710 Devine, TX 78016 Phone: 210-421-1401, 210-416-6370 Email: jim_l_pruett@yahoo.com Producer: Retail Honey Debbie Pruett 2023/08/28
bastrop-bee-company Honey Provider Bastrop Bee Company Owners: Jeff and Sandi Kreider 109 Painted Post Bastrop Texas. 78602 Phone: 512-308-6242 EMail: bastropbeeco@gmail.com Producer: Retail Honey and assorted honey byproducts Jeff Kreider -0001/11/30
bebes-bees Honey Provider BeBe’s Bees Vicki Read Bowie, TX 76230 Phone: 940) 841-1853 Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey Vicki Read -0001/11/30
bee-company Honey Provider Bee Company Owner: Rob Cherry Wichita Falls, TX 76310 Phone: (940) 500-2675 Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered and Comb Honey Robyn Cherry 2023/05/23
beein-sweet Honey Provider BEEin' Sweet Dariece Rau (703) 944-3907 BEEinsweet@gmail.com Producer Retail: Raw, Unfiltered, Comb, Creamed Honey Dariece Rau 2023/04/27
buffalo-creek-honey-bees Honey Provider Buffalo Creek Honey Bees Dan & Terri Bowman 4660 Fireman's Lane P.O. Box 96 Lone Oak, TX 75453 Email: tbowman1234@yahoo.com Phone: (903)-217-4717 Products: Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey Creamed Honey Danny Bowman 2022/12/28
chessdale-acres-apiary Honey Provider Chessdale Acres Apiary Owner: Ron Chess 1029 Bernardo Oaks Cat Spring, TX 78933 Phone: (979) 525-9254 Email: ragsdale@industryinet.com Producer/Packer: Retail Raw and Comb Honey Ron Chess 2023/03/26
cnc-honey-farms Honey Provider CNC Honey Farms Owner: Eddie Collins email: beeman@cncfarms.com Producer - Liquid Honey, Comb Honey, Wax Connie Collins -0001/11/30
cornerstone-honey-bees Honey Provider Cornerstone Honey Bees Chris Barnes 5015 Wallis Rd Bryan, TX 77808 Phone: (979) 220-0004 Email: chris@cornerstonehoneybees.com Website: http://www.cornerstonehoneybees.com/ Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey Chris Barnes 2023/02/08
desert-creek-honey Honey Provider Desert Creek Honey - Blake Shook, Owner / Operator www.desertcreekhoney.com  Facebook.com/dchtx
  • Raw, Unfiltered Honey
  • Pollination Services
Blake Shook -0001/11/30
etzzz-bzzz Honey Provider E.T. Ash ETzzz Bzzz 6690 River Oaks Dr. College Station, TX 77845 email: gene_ash@earthlink.net Retail Liquid Honey; Comb Honey Producer (A beekeeper who produces 100% of his own honey); Producer/Packer (A beekeeper who produces 100% of his own packaged product) E.T. Ash Lifetime
gumm-bees Honey Provider Gumm Bees Owners: Ron Gumm & Beth Derr 210 Meadowlark Dr. Jefferson, TX 75657 Phone: 936-591-2399, 903-777-8636 Email: derrbe@netscape.net Producer: Retail Local raw unfiltered multi floral honey, creamed honey Lotion bars, lip balm Beth Gumm Lifetime
h-and-m-apiary Honey Provider H & M Apiary Owners: Justin Hopkins and Lance McCollum 3557 FM 934 Itasca, TX 76055 Phone: (210) 593-8329 Email: justin@justinandleahhopkins.com Producer/Packer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered and Comb Wildflower Honey Justin Hopkins 2023/05/24
hatch-honey-company Honey Provider Hatch Honey Company Email: hatchhoney@gmail.com Retail, Raw Unfiltered Honey Michael & Diana Hatch Lifetime
haylies-honey Honey Provider Haylies Honey Larry Hoehne Phone: (979) 236-1385 Email: lhoehne@swbell.net Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey Larry Hoehne 2023/03/02
hey-honey-trinity-river-tails-farm-llc Honey Provider Hey Honey!/ Trinity River Tails Farm LLC Owner: Nathan Krueger Centerville, Texas 75833 Phone: 979-324-1160 Email: nathan@trinityrivertailsfarm.com Website: www.trinityrivertailsfarm.com Producer/Packer: Retail Raw unfiltered honey Dr. Nathan Krueger 2023/11/18
hive-bee-farm Honey Provider Hive Bee Farm Owners: Cyrus Nasr and Sandi Murray 878 Sara Rose St Houston, TX 77018 Phone: (713) 419-9323 Email: Contact@hivebeefarm.com Website: http://www.hivebeefarm.com Producer/Packer: Retail/Wholesale Raw, Unfiltered, and Comb Honey Beeswax Candles and Hogg Cassettes Cyrus Nasr -0001/11/30
jeffery-mcmillin Honey Provider Jeffery McMillin Houston, TX 77003 Phone: 713-203-6348 Email: jefferylmc@yahoo.com Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey Jeffery McMillin 2023/03/22
katy-busy-bee Honey Provider Katy Busy Bee Owner: Mark Lockhart Phone ahead: (832) 541-9623 or (682) 225-4654 Email: katybusybee@yahoo.com Producer/Packer Liquid Honey, Comb Honey, Wax Mark Lockhart 2023/03/15
kay-dan-brouse Honey Provider Kay & Dan Brouse 34120 Lynnwood Ct Magnolia, TX 77354-2043 Email: mapple4710@aol.com Phone: (281) 356-7597 Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered and Creamed Honey Myrta Kaye Brouse Lifetime
marshall-beekeeping-assoc-inc Honey Provider Marshall Beekeeping Assoc, Inc. 210 Meadowlark Dr. Jefferson, TX 75657 Phone: 936-591-2399 Email: marshallbeekeeping@gmail.com Producer: Retail Raw unfiltered multi-floral honey Marshall Beekeeping -0001/11/30
meganz-beez Honey Provider Meganz Beez Owner: Megan Turner 4325 Briarbend Houston, Texas 77035 Phone: 713-882-0994 Email: mrtswcc@gmail.com Producer/Packer: Retail Local, Raw, Unfiltered Honey Megan Turner 2023/06/13
merry-bee Honey Provider Merry Bee Marci and Calvin Blankenship Richardson, TX (972) 234-1267 Producer / Packer Retail: Raw, Unfiltered Honey Calvin Blankenship 2023/06/24
mr-franks-bees Honey Provider Mr. Franks' Bees Frank Morgan Contact: (254) 423-2579 email: erby@mrfranksbees.com website: http://www.mrfranksbees.com/ Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey Frank Morgan -0001/11/30
nandos-honey-bee-farm Honey Provider Fernando Martinez Nando's Honey Bee Farm contact: nandoshoneybeefarm@gmail.com Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey FERNANDO MARTINEZ -0001/11/30
oakley-family-apiaries Honey Provider Oakley Family Apiaries Randy & Amy Oakley 664 W. Elm Mott Lane Elm Mott, TX 76640 Contact: oakleybees@gmail.com Phone: (254) 307-2337 Website: http://www.LiveHoneyBeeRemoval.com Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey Randy Oakley 2023/10/23
oberman-family-farm Honey Provider Oermann Family Farm Greg & Sherry Oermann Email: oermannfamilyfarm@att.net Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey Greg Oermann -0001/11/30
pete-glasser Honey Provider Owner: Pete Glasser Email: peteglasser@gmail.com Producer: Liquid Honey and Wax Pete Glasser 2023/12/26
rolens-honey-bees Honey Provider Rolen’s Honey Bees Owners: Dina & Scott Rolen Waxahachie, TX 75165 Phone: 972-921-8776 Email: Rolennhoney@gmail.com Website: Rolenshoneybees.com Producer/Packer: Retail Raw honey, Beeswax Dina Rolen 2023/01/21
silly-bee-honey-company Honey Provider Silly Bee Honey Company Owner: Kim Townsend 101 Falcon Point Dr. Heath, TX 75032 Phone: (405) 823-6719 Email: kim@kimtownsend.net Producer/Packer: Retail Pure, Raw, Unfiltered, Local Honey Kim Townsend 2024/01/22
snyder-bee-farm Honey Provider Snyder Bee Farm G. Edward Snyder 556 County Road 557 Farmersville, TX 75442 Contact Email: g.edward.snyder@hughes.net Contact Phone: (972) 839-0713 Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey G. Edward Snyder 2024/01/11
soul-honey Honey Provider Soul Honey Robin L Young 13737 FM 1171 Northlake, TX 76262 email: robinyng@pwhome.com website: texassoulhoney.com Retail & Wholesale: Liquid Honey, Comb Honey, Propolis, Wax, Soap, Lip Balm Robin L-S Young 2023/04/01
sugar-hill-honey-farm Honey Provider Sugar Hill Honey Farm Owner: Dustin Smith Paris, TX 75462 Phone: (903) 307-9563 Email: sugarhillhoneyfarm@gmail.com Producer/Packer: Retail Raw, unfiltered and comb honey Dustin Smith -0001/11/30
summer-gold-honey Honey Provider Summer Gold Honey Owner: Reed Parsons 7911 Airfield Dr. Sanger, TX 76266 Phone: 940-594-9304 EMail: reed@summergoldhoney.com Producer: Retail Pure Honey, Ranch Wildflower, Raw and Unfiltered, Various Sized Containers Walter R Parsons -0001/11/30
texas-gold-honey Honey Provider Texas Gold Honey Owner: Bill Zimmer Email: zimtex4@aol.com Producer/Packer Honey, Comb and Creamed Honey, Pollen, Propolis Bill Zimmer 2023/02/25
texas-honey-company Honey Provider Texas Honey Company Owner: Daniel Brantner 4033 Tumbril Lane Plano, TX 75023 Phone: (972) 365-5592 Email: dcbrantner@msn.com Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey, Creamed Honey, Comb Honey Daniel Brantner -0001/11/30
the-berry-patch-apiary Honey Provider The Berry Patch Apiary Owners: Glynn & Myra Smith 283 CR 2860 Hughes Springs, TX 75656 Phone: (903)639-2910 Email: myras29@gmail.com Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey, Comb and Creamed Honey Skin Care Products, Beeswax Candles Glynn Smith Lifetime
vicky-kennedy Honey Provider Vicky Kennedy 512-699-0756 Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey Vicky Kennedy 2023/06/02
walker-honey-farm Honey Provider Clint Walker, Walker Honey Farm 8060 E US Hwy 190 Rogers, TX 76569 email: info@walkerhoneyfarm.com website: http://stores.walkerhoneyfarm.com/ Wholesale / Retail Liquid Honey; Comb Honey; Creamed Honey; Pollen; Honey Sticks; Wax; Soaps; Lip Balm Packer/Producer (An individual who produces 30% or more of his packaged product) Clint Walker III 2023/03/03
whitman-farm-the-honey-house Honey Provider Whitman Farm / The Honey House Owner: Ronnie Whitman 621 Mosswood Conroe, TX 77302 Phone: (713) 825-5618 Email: ronniewhitman48@gmail.com Producer/Packer: Retail/Wholesale Honey Honey products: Bee wax raw candles and 21 kinds of jams and jellies. Not cottage industry. Inspected by Montgomery County Heath Department Ronnie Whitman 2022/12/03
wild-cedar-ranch-llc Honey Provider Wild Cedar Ranch Owner: Glenn Hatfield 2400 County Road 466 Elgin, TX 78621 Phone: (254) 781-9496 Email: glenn@wildcedarranch.net Website: https://wildcedarranch.my.canva.site/ Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey Glenn Hatfield -0001/11/30
winding-creek-apiary Honey Provider Winding Creek Apiary Owner: Julie Norman 11680 Post Oak Rd Willis, TX 77318 Phone: (936) 537-5103 / (936) 537-1952 Email: honey@wcapiary.com Website: www.wcapiary.com Producer: Retail Raw, Unfiltered Honey Wax and Bee supplies Julie Norman 2023/02/28
zwei-menschen-forest Honey Provider Gene and Nancy Cushion Zwei Menschen Forest 809 Stone Marshall Rd Van Alstyne, TX 75495 Email: zmfbees@icloud.com Website: zmfbees.com Phone: (903) 624-7372 Retail Raw Unfiltered Honey, Comb Honey Gene Cushion 2023/03/28