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Saturday, June 19th
*Schedule is Subject To Change as Needed*
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9:50 AM Room Open for Guests/Speakers to sign in and queue up for first presentation.
10:00 AM Dr. Tom Seeley The Honey Bee Colony is an Information Center Whenever foraging is possible, a honey bee colony must solve the problem of keeping its foragers optimally allocated among the flower patches that its scouts have found. Flower patches that are large and highly profitable should be allocated many foragers, while those that are small or less profitable should be allocated relatively few foragers. We will look at how a honey bee colony solves this highly dynamic problem, and we will see that the logic of the solution that they have evolved (the so-called “Honey Bee Algorithm”) is extremely important to human beings as well, for we use the same logic for allocating server computers (analogous to worker bees) among web sites (analogous to flower patches) around the world.
11:15 AM Dr. Juliana Rangel Nutritional Ecology of Honey Bees in a Changing Landscape In this lecture we will go over the main nutritional needs for honey bee foragers and nurses, including macro and micro nutrients. We will also discuss recent research from the Rangel Honey Bee Research Program looking whether honey bees regulate their macronutrient intake (in laboratory and field conditions) by performing choice and no-choice experiments with foragers and nurse bees. Finally, we will go over our ongoing work exploring the role of macronutrient intake ratios as potential tools for combatting honey bee pathogens.
12:15 PM Dr. Tom Seeley The Craft of Bee Hunting In this talk, we look at bee hunting—locating wild colonies of honey bees—which is one of the most fascinating games in the world. We will review the equipment involved and the process of establishing and following beelines, which are lines of bees flying back to their secret homes. This outdoor activity is one of infinite variety, of suspense, disappointment, perseverance, and triumph. You go out into the fields. Before you rises a hillside with ten thousand trees. One of those trees is a bee tree. With simple equipment, and special skills, you can find it!
1:30 PM Dr. Ferhat Ozturk Bio-Activity Levels of Texas Honey In this presentation we will get an update on the current research that is looking into the bio-activity level of different honey submissions from across the state of Texas. How does Texas honey stack up against the likes of Manuka and Buckwheat honey when it comes to potential medicinal uses.