Texas Beekeeping 101 Website now available

College Station, Texas – December 30, 2021 – Funded by a Southern Sustainable Agriculture  Research and Education (SARE) Professional Development Program grant, AgriLogic  Consulting, LLC in cooperation with Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA), the Texas Apiary  Inspection Service (TAIS), Texas AgriLife Extension Service (TAES) and several Master  Beekeepers have compiled this website resource in an attempt to transfer the wealth of  knowledge and wisdom that currently exists within the beekeeping community itself, into a  basic understanding and education of apiculture to beginning beekeepers of all ages and those  who may wish to lead and guide them. 

The website and its content is intended to be used by both the educators as well as those  seeking to learn. The target audiences for this grant project were (1) agricultural extension  agents serving the 254 Texas counties; (2) 4-H extension agents/FFA sponsors wishing to offer  beekeeping contests, clinics or competition options to their youth; and (3) existing beekeepers  wishing to serve as mentors to youth and new beekeepers. 

We hope that you will find the site to be fun, easy to navigate, useful and most of all  informative as you begin your beekeeping journey or help someone else begin theirs! The  website is available free of charge and can be accessed at www.texasbeekeeping101.com. All  county offices, clubs, etc. are welcome to include a link to this website on their existing  websites as deemed applicable.  

Please direct all questions about this resource or the project to ngueck@agrilogic.com and  learn more about AgriLogic’s current and past projects at www.agrilogicconsulting.com.