Honey Locator

The Texas Beekeepers Association (TBA) has created a Texas Honey locator in an effort to educate and assure consumers that the honey that they are purchasing is Real Texas Honey produced by Real Texas Beekeepers, who agree to market their honey using the following definitions.

TBA Honey Definitions

 Honey – A sweet substance produced by Honey Bees strictly from plant nectar.

Raw – Honey only slightly warmed to re-liquefy for packaging. Not to exceed 120 degrees, which is the maximum temperature inside a beehive.

Unfiltered – Some course straining can be used to remove large particles, but not the extent that it removes nutrients. NO sock filters, plate filters, sand filters, or diatomaceous earth filters.

Pure– 100% Honey, with no additives.

Natural– 100% Honey, with no additives.

Local– Honey that is produced and consumed in the same geographical area. Please see the Texas Honey Locator to find local honey in your area.

Producer– A beekeeper who produces 100% of his own honey

Producer/Packer -A beekeeper who produces 100% of his own packaged product

Packer/Producer – An individual who produces 30% or more of his packaged product

Packer – An individual that buys in bulk and repackages for the consumer

Marketing Co. – A company that buys packaged honey, and resells it

NOTE: The Texas Beekeeper’s Association believes that these definitions are fair and accurate. To be included in this Honey Locator it is expected that members abide by these definitions.

This guide is meant to educate consumers so they can ask more direct questions about how the honey they buy is processed.

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