Texas Honey Queen

Texas Honey Queen, Hayden Wolf, and Texas Honey Princess Shannon LaGrave act as official spokespersons for the Texas Beekeepers Association to promote all aspects of the Beekeeping Industry. The Texas Honey Queen and Princess are available for interviews, personal appearances, and are prepared to give presentations to local community groups.

To arrange for the Texas Honey Queen or the Texas Honey Princess to visit your area, contact:
Rachael Seida, Texas Honey Queen Chair
(214) 578-3477 or email texashoneyqueenchair@gmail.com


Texas Honey Queen – Hayden Wolf

Hayden Wolf, 18, lives with her family in the Tyler, TX area and is the youngest of four children and currently a home-schooled senior in high school. She has always been fascinated with honey bees and began beekeeping in 2009 through the East Texas Beekeepers Association Youth Scholarship program. She now enjoys caring for five hives with her father.

In addition to beekeeping, Hayden loves cooking and baking, singing in her family’s quartet, playing piano, being outdoors, gardening, scrapbooking, drawing and painting, and spending time with her family. She also enjoys serving in her church and volunteering in the community.


Texas Honey Princess – Shannon LaGrave

Shannon LaGrave lives with her family near Farmersville, TX. As a child, Shannon was fascinated with bees and growing up was always playing with them and setting different sweet things out in early spring to see which the bees preferred. She would spend hours watching them. In 2007, Shannon was awarded a youth scholarship from the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association. She has enjoyed beekeeping ever since and currently has several hives. Shannon enjoys educating the public about bees and beekeeping and raises goats, chickens and various small farm animals. She is also an excellent cook, enjoys gardening and has a passion for history. Shannon has done mission work in Mexico, the Panama jungle and this past year in Nepal. While in Nepal she had opportunity to observe many beekeeping practices in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains where the culture has a rich beekeeping history and uses honey in every meal served.


Previous Honey Queens

The Texas Beekeepers Association and its members cannot begin to show their gratitude for the personal sacrifices and service that our previously crowned Honey Queens have provided to our association.  Their tireless efforts, miles traveled, children educated, presentations given, and honey recipes crafted would exhaust the normal person.  Please provide a donation to their Texas Honey Queen Fund if you agree.

Scroll through the photos of these magnificent and beautiful ladies to the right.  Think about how you can continue their efforts today.

Small wild plum, March 2, 2011, Terry Fender

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