2023 Legislative Session

The Texas Beekeepers Association Legislative Committee has been working hard to follow bills as they are introduced. We will continue to monitor and update this site as new information unfolds. If you see other relevant bills that should receive our attention, please let us know. Please look for the 2023 Legislative Session Updates under the Resources tab under Issues, look for the Legislative Updates box at the bottom, or follow this link. This page will be updated soon with more details on each of the bill we are currently tracking.

Bee-related bills currently following:

  • HB 590 – Relating to the labeling and sale of Texas honey.
  • HB 1750 – Relating to the applicability of certain city requirements to agricultural operations. (Right to Farm – Burns)
  • HB 2271Relating to the protection of aquaculture operations. (Right to Farm – Aquaculture – Kacal)
  • HB 2308Relating to nuisance actions and other actions against agricultural operations. (Right to Farm – Ashby)
  • HB 2329Relating to honey production operations and the harvesting and packaging of honey and honeycomb. (Clean up bill DSHS – Bailes)
  • SB 829Relating to cottage food production operations. (Cottage Food –Kolkhorst)