2023 Legislative Committee Update

Friday, March 10th was the final day to file bills for the 2023 Legislative Session. As a TBA Board, we discuss and review potential legislation that may affect beekeepers within the State and have a dedicated Legislative Committee that follows along and meets with legislators as needed. We support some bills and oppose others, as appropriate, in line with TBA’s mission and resolutions.
The TBA Legislative Committee has been diligently tracking the legislative proceedings since last November when the first bee-related bill was filed. The Legislative Committee is currently focused on 9 bills, while another 5 bills are also being watched. These bill are listed on the TBA Legislative page here: https://texasbeekeepers.org/beelaws/
By referencing the TBA Mission and Resolutions to guide our position on each bill, the Legislative Committee strives to represent all beekeepers of Texas.
As we consider each bill, a detailed page is created with information, history and why it matters to the TBA. Please continue to review the 2023 Legislative Session page as it is frequently updated. And if you feel we should include additional bills, or want to share information about a certain bill you can do so with the link at the top of that page.